SPCDM is available to handle your Community Workforce Initiative Liaison needs. Providing both direct (on-site) and in-direct (SPCDM office) services. We provide the following core services.

SPCDM will assist you in your operations by establishing clear and concrete hiring goals that are strategically important and politically feasible.  

SPCDM will help you develop, coordinate and facilitate vendor contractor pre-qualification processes/activities to ensure that your workforce project goals are met and/or exceeded.

SPCDM will assist the general contractor and sub-contractor in meeting all workforce projections

SPCDM will operationalize the social compact between labor, contractor, and community.

SPCDM will develop and implement a comprehensive Community Outreach program that meets the specific needs of the community.

SPCDM will provide social service referrals and remediation for hard-to-serve and un/under-employed residents

SPCDM will construct and expand pathways to lifetime careers in the construction trades and related industries by training and placing individuals into United States Department of Labor approved apprenticeship programs

SPCDM will target residents and provide referral services for G.E.D. programs, community colleges, and apprenticeships

SPCDM will monitor and verify compliance with the targeted hiring and training program

SPCDM will target prospective employees based upon residence, census tracts, zip codes, high poverty, or un/under-employment rates.