A Legacy of Building - Strong Families - Strong Communities" 


SaRrah Fridge 

Grants Manager

A legacy of Building 

Strong Families - Strong Communities 


Elder Kevin Anthony Ford, SPCDM Executive Director, grandson of the late Bishop Louis Henry Ford, and son of Bishop Charles Mason and Marlene Ford was born into a legacy of service. Elder Ford's 30-year stint with the Department of Cook County matriculating from Corrections to Planning honed his strategic planning and negotiation abilities. Today, Elder Ford's knowledge of workforce development calls for civility and excellence raising the accountability standard of community workforce initiatives. Spearheading and establishing the Interfaith Coalition to Restore the Water Fee Exemption to Religious Institutions, Elder Ford navigated through the sensitivities of religious diversity bringing together all faiths to win the water fee fight with the support of the city of Chicago; the win made it possible for religious institutions and community-based organizations to remain in operation. Serving as Task Force member and site host for two (2) years on the Historic Rosenwald Project, Elder Ford joined forces with 3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell, Vice-President of Landwhite Development, David Roos, and the Grand Boulevard community to restore history to the Grand Boulevard community. Standing before the City Council, Elder Ford delivered a passionate compelling speech that challenged the city of Chicago to move the project forward.

Under this directorship, SPCDM was formed, recognized throughout the State of Illinois as having demonstrated to the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) its ability to prepare individuals for successful entry into USDOL approved apprenticeship programs, has 18 years of documented history in training and placement and has placed upwards of 194 program completers into USDOL registered apprenticeships; thus making them eligible to work on development projects in their communities. Let SPCDM make your community development project SEAMLESS!


About Us

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Our Mission

Strategies You Can Trust

SPCDM mission is to keep the peace and move forward by deploying methods of accountability for all parties resulting in a win/win. We believe that by collaborating with all community stakeholders, aldermen, developers, residents, etc. that development projects can be SEAMLESS. Our reputation and history of success speak for themselves. There's no substitution for taking the proper course of action for the greater good.


02. Career Readiness 

SPCDM dedicates itself to taking the lead in preparing individuals from all walks of life to enter USDOL registered apprenticeship programs and other related industries. We believe that preparation is the answer. Our career-readiness program works in concert with community development by qualifying individuals to work on union construction projects.


03. Spirit of Excellence 

SPCDM is committed to assisting individuals and organizations to compete with the world. We are committed to raising the standard of communication through negotiation and the bar for individuals desiring to enter USDOL registered apprenticeships by helping to cultivate a spirit of excellence. SPCDM assists in removing all barriers to success to help all stakeholders break through and accomplish what was once inconceivable by providing SEAMLESS community workforce initiative liaison services. 

Dr. Ellen Jackson 

Case Manager & Placement Specialist